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RENT: Your booth/shelf rental are due the first day of the month. Payments can be made in person during the shop’s business hours OR mailed to PO Box 447, Lewisberry, PA 17339. All rent and advertising checks are to be made out to RSVS Enterprises, LLC or we have a stamp for your convenience. Please remember that there is a late charge if your rent is not paid in full by the 1st of the month. A penalty of 10% of the amount due will be added beginning the 2nd.

BOOTH CLEANING: We hope that when you first moved into your booth that you found it clean and ready for your treasures. This is the shop’s contractual policy that leased space be cleaned whether moving to another space in the shop or moving out. Forms are available at the front desk that detail what is needed to bring your space to “move in condition.” Your contract also details what is expected. If the space is not cleaned and deemed acceptable and signed off by the staff person on duty, the dealer/vendor will have a cleaning fee deducted from his next or last check, without restriction.

THE OFFICE IS FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY:  If you need anything like tools, tags, and cleaning supplies or to leave your personal items in the office for safe storage, please see whoever is working the front desk and they will be glad to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation

GREEN TAG MARKINGS: You will notice some of your tags have a marker line through it (most of the time green). This means that the item was charged or debited. 

RESALE OF UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE & BEDDING: This is an important reminder that Lewisberry Antiques & Craft Co. LLC must be and is licensed to resale upholstered furniture and bedding BUT only if the items are sprayed and tagged as the State of Pennsylvania has defined. The Department of Labor and Industry requires that we disinfect and tag all items being sold. Should an inspector come on site to inspect us and find that we are not doing this we will be fined and can be closed down for business.  The tags and chemicals are here in the shop and are ready for use. All upholstered furniture and bedding must be sprayed and tagged. To make arrangements for your items to be processed, see the front office. To cover the costs of the chemicals, the tags and annual permit fees, there will be a $1.00 or more charge for each item treated.

CHECK MAILBOX: You are each assigned a mailbox in the shop and it serves as more than just a place to put your monthly sales check or hold a key for a showcase in your booth. It also serves as a major communications center. Notes and other important information pertaining to you and your booth are placed there. The office personnel try to remember to check it every time you come in but many times we are busy serving customers or taking care of other shop responsibilities. It is your responsibility to stop by the front desk and ask if there is anything in your mailbox that you should be made aware of. Make this a habit every time you visit the shop.

PARKING: It is important that passers-by can see our sign our front, therefore, during shop operating hours, please do not park in front of the building - especially in front of the sign - even if it's just a brief visit. As always, you should unload your vehicle of your heavy items and boxes onto the sidewalk or into the shop but then move your vehicle to the shop's parking lot. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

WORKING EVERY OTHER MONTH:  As you are planning your spring and summer schedules, be sure to check your personal calendar and the months that you are scheduled to work 3 hours at the shop. Remember that should you choose or not be available to work, you must arrange for another person to complete the obligation at a cost of $8.50 an hour payable to the shop or it may be deducted from your monthly sales proceeds and will then be forwarded to the person who completed the shift. If you do not make prior arrangements or do not show up, $50.00 will be automatically deducted from your month’s sales proceeds without exception. 


  • Please arrive on time for your work hours, call if an emergency arises.

  • Leave your personal items either at home or locked in  your car.

  • Please park on street but away from in front of homeowners mailboxes; parking lot should be for customers only.

  • Please do not ask about your booth sales. After the special event is over we will gladly let you see your tag envelope.

  • We appreciate all of your food donations, please be modest about your consumption of the food donations, they are for your paying customers.
  • Please no sitting during open house; you should be milling around and helping customers.
  • When bringing an item to the office for a customer, please come to the side door, someone will take the items from you and give you a number for the customer.
  • Please limit phone calls to the shop unless pertinent to the sale. We are very busy with customers buying your items. If the phone calls can wait until after the event we will gladly assist you then.

LACCO BUYING AND RE-SELLING POLICY: Lewisberry Antiques & Craft Co. LLC practices a courtesy regarding the buying and re-selling of merchandise. It is not acceptable to purchase an item from one dealer in the shop and re-tag it at a higher price to sell in your booth UNLESS you have done something to change it like paint, repair, or add something to make it different than when you purchased it.

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